about us

We assist Danish independent design entrepreneurs in developing business plans, investor presentations and raising capital. We work for long term financial relationships and fight shot term investment models. 

We have years of experience in business presentations, securing investor ready administrations and boards and negotiating at the investor table. Working with us opens doors to a wide network of business professionals, incubation services, angel investors and industry freelancers. 




Our Services



Now, more than ever, startups can start up without investor funding, but taking on investors may be the difference that makes the difference.

In order to be competitive a young company no longer has the luxury of slowly cultivating customer relationships and cementing a place in the market - a fast paced, rapidly changing world requires even faster businesses. Every day you’re not raising money for your creative startup is a day wasted and a potential opportunity lost.

We understand the challenges most designers face when entering the Danish investment market and we exist to guide and prepare an entrepreneur for the agenda at the investor table.

We will work with you closely to understand the needs of your company and write you an investor ready, detailed and complete business plan including a financial plan. We will also help you identify which fundraising method is the right fit for your startup, and be your sidekick on the road towards an investment deal.



We write copy in various forms and we try to write in the vernacular.

Online press releases can be an amazing way to gain visibility about a person or a business. When written and distributed correctly, a press release can continue to grow indefinitely and can linger in the search space for an infinite amount of time. For many years press releases have been a foundation step when trying to accomplish great search engine optimization for your website.

We can help you craft a press release for just about any announcement. The great thing about our press release service is that we will conduct keyword research and write your PR with SEO in mind. The right keywords in your press release can be the difference of a few visitors reading to a lot of visitors reading it.


Content makes the web go round. Make sure your content marketing strategy is a winning one.

We help companies automate the processes for lead generation and customer acquisition. This includes helping you build web traffic, capture contacts of potential customers and nurture those contacts until they become sales ready.

We produce share-worthy blog stories, used to increase brand awareness in search engines and attract new website visitors with relevant, valuable copy that emphasizes visual storytelling.

We curate and implement quality w.w. content for your social media platforms in order to improve your online presence and overall reputation.



Whether it’s a few paragraphs that need to be translated from one language to another, or a website and marketing plan that needs a complex treatment, we have the experience and the resources to get the job done fast, within your budget, and – most importantly - accurately.

We translate copy and books from Norwegian, Swedish and English into Danish as well in reverse translation. Our services include language editing to ensure that your manuscript is translated accurately and written in the appropriate style.



want a free screening?

If you believe you’re investor ready, feel free to submit a presentation of your company and motivations. We will get back to you with an introduction to a simple screening process. 

We don’t mind which creative sector your startup is from as long as it is innovative, scalable and have design at core. We accept submissions in both Danish and English.